Bankruptcy is an option

Bankruptcy is an option that often has to be considered where an individual cannot pay their debts as they fall due. A first time bankrupt will generally receive their discharge one year after the date of the Bankruptcy order. Although bankrupt has a bad stigma and is publicly advertised. It could be a useful option when dealing with individual insolvency cases.

This is achieved by filing bankruptcy papers through the court system. Bankruptcy is a legal process. It is very important that you are well informed before making any decision associated with your bankruptcy claim. It is possible to process you bankruptcy on your own. There are easy-to-do kits on the Internet or from various other vendors. The question is: do you think you can handle a situation that affects your future or should you hand it over to a professional bankruptcy attorney.

With the answers to these questions it was easier to reconstruct the life and times this woman lived in. First of all, since the widow had not worked outside the home, it was very likely that any credit accounts she applied for had to have included the husbands income when the credit application had been filled out. Secondly, back in the 1970s it was rare to find a woman with credit in her name alone. Most credit card applications forced a woman to list her husbands income because it was assumed that a husband and wife was one person.

Is bankruptcy the best choice? With creditors constantly harassing for debt repayment, it’s important to try and find a solution for debt relief as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some creditors are unwilling to work with individuals to help lower their payments or to lower their interest rates, which can greatly limit their options. For any person who has no income headed their way in the near or far future in which to pay off their debts and has few assets with which to pay any creditors, bankruptcy can be a good available option. Before making a final decision, however, it is important to speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney.